October 13, 2023

In Becoming a Better Marista

In achieving great things, one should start by knowing the basics. This is what the College of Education, Liberal Arts, and Nursing (CTELAN) aims to achieve vis-à-vis its orientation program last September 20, 2023. It advocates for the students’ need to get to know not just the rules but also their roles in the academe, that is as Maristas with high altitude and with the right attitude.

The program kicked off with an opening salvo from the CTELAN’s finest and most active officers. It was then opened by Klemm Ryan Z. Bernabe, DBM, the school’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, who stressed the importance of producing Marist graduates with values and academic competence.

The presentation and reading of program outcomes, admissions, and retention policies highlighted the event. These were spearheaded by the school’s ever-active program heads. The programs under CTELAN are the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED), Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA Com), Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BA PolSci), Bachelor of Arts in English Language (BAEL), and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Finally, the Dean of College, Daisy P. Labadia, Ed.D., concluded the event with the statement, “If you want to experience the best from the school, then you have to give your best to the school.”

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