About NDKC


A Marist community of disciples working together for social transformation towards the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God.


To rekindle the FIRE of God’s love through integral evangelization by providing a responsive, quality christian education among the young.


We commit to create an evangelized academic community working for the YOUTH, particularly the least favored, by upholding their (HUMAN) dignity, respecting their religious freedom (CATHOLIC), inculcating in them a sense of nationhood with global perspective (FILIPINO) and living the Marian Virtues (MARIST).

Core Values

RESPECTRespect life, human dignity and integrity of creation.
FAITH IN GODBelieve in a loving and merciful God and obey His Holy Will.
INTEGRITYBe credible witnesses by living a life of humility, simplicity and honesty.
RESPONSIBILITYBe responsible for our choices and actions in the exercise of our God – given freedom.
EXCELLENCEGive our best in order to achieve what is good, noble, and beautiful.
CARE and COMPASSIONTo LOVE our “neighbors” by caring and feeling compassion for the poor, needy and the downtrodden.

Slogan: NDKC Leads

Leadership towards Educational Excellence Achieved through Dedicated Service for God and Country.

The School Slogan is a statement that represents the values, beliefs and aspirations of NDKC. It is specifically crafted to inspire and guide the administration, faculty, staff, students and the community.

The School Slogan is inspired from L. Spears and M. Laurence.

“A servant leader means possessing a certain degree of human richness, good judgment, open mind which accepts the possibility of being wrong; respect for oneself and for others; genuine concern for people; a good grasp of what truly matters in life.”

“A servant leader is a source of inspiration. A good leader is one who INSPIRES people and whose compelling effect on them does not spring from FEAR or BLIND OBEDIENCE but from RESPECT and their genuine concern for the organization.”

The School Mascot

The eagle, an inhabitant of Mt. Apo is adopted as the mascot to symbolize NDKC Character.

This conveys that NDKC is journeying for its success and competencies. An eagle is living symbols of power, freedom, and transcendence.

Eagles have vision. Their eyes are specially designed for long distance focus and clarity. NDKC sees things objectively. It eyes great things to develop and to improve.

Eagles foster their young ones. NDKC serves to be the nest for the youth and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Eagles are firm. When there are storms, eagles spread their wings and use these to fly higher. NDKC, like an eagle stay tenacious and immovable amidst trials and difficulties.

Eagles fly high with swiftness and grace. NDKC soars high and dreams big as it pursues for enhancement and betterment of the institution, the community and society as a whole.

Our Marist Characteristics

“To educate the children, we must love them and love them equally”


We relate to each other and to young people in our care as members of a loving family. We build a community where each person feels at home characterized by honesty, mutual respect, trust, shared responsibility, cooperation and the ability to forgive and reconcile. We give special attention to those whose needs are greatest especially the most deprived and those going through difficulties.


Simplicity is the result of being honest with ourselves and with God. It is a way of relating with others and young people in the most authentic way. We try to do good things quietly believing that we are just instruments of God’s love. We avoid pretensions, duplicity and ostentatious displays in every thing that we do. Rather, we promote an integrated, balanced and loving life.


We seek to immerse ourselves in the lives of the young people. We become involved in their lives and welcome them into ours. We extend our presence during our free time, leisure, sports, and cultural activities as a way of showing that we truly care for them personally. We make an effort to know each one individually. By being attentive, welcoming and at the same time engaging them in dialogue, we earn their trust to be open. In a respectful way, we try to be firm and challenging in order to draw the best out of their individual gifts as persons.


By loving work, we become “co-creators” of God as we continue the work of creation with joy and hope. Fr. Marcellin Champagnat was a devoted pastor to his flock, a dedicated educator and a determined builder. He was always ready to “roll up his sleeves”, prepared to do any task for mission. He was generous, constant and persevering in his daily work. We train young people to discover the dignity of work and find purpose and meaning for life. Through work, we develop strong character and solid values. We foster teamwork and cooperation as a means of serving others. IN THE WAY OF MARY Mary is our perfect model. She is Jesus’ first disciple. In faith, she pondered on the events of her life. Her “Yes” at the annunciation was an expression of her humble way of doing the will of God the Father. In her song of praise- The Magnificat, we are invited to give witness to God’s solidarity with people in their needs and sufferings. She is a symbol of unity and mission at the Pentecost. Like Marcellin, Mary is our Good Mother and Ordinary Resource. In all that we do, we associate Mary so as to bring Jesus to birth in the hearts of others and young people.

The Marist Seal

The large letter M points to the whole spirit of the Marist Family that is Mary, Our Good Mother. For a disciple to become true to who he/she is, one’s whole being needs to be governed by a Marian Spirit. A Marist living by faith will live the way Mary did, living a life hidden and unknown.

Letter A, which is superimposed on the letter M, reminds us of the Angel’s greeting at the Annunciation of the Lord: “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with you, blessed are you among women…” The first letter of the greeting Ave, means “hail”. This is the sacred moment when Our Lady accepts to be a mother.

The three flowers below the two letters are Violets, selected by St. Marcellin Champagnat himself for a very special meaning. Violets are the kind of flowers which come out in early May. They are hardly noticeable because they are lost among the grass in the fields, because of their size. These stand for the three distinguishing marks of the followers of St. Marcellin – humility, simplicity, and modesty. These three virtues summarize the whole spirit of the Institute of the Little Brothers of Mary, which is “to do good quietly”.

The Corona of Twelve Stars reminds the true sons and daughters of Champagnat, the glories, the privileges, the gifts bestowed upon our Lady, as one wholly blessed by God. For the Marist, the twelve great privileges that the Blessed Virgin received are: a) Divine Motherhood; b) Immaculate Conception; c) Perpetual Virginity; d) Assumption into Heaven; e) Exemption from Concupiscence; f) Confirmation in Grace; g) Fidelity of Grace; h) Miraculous Birth of Jesus; i) Holy Death; j) Incorruptibility of the Body; k) Queenship of Mary; l) Dispensatrix of all graces.

This Corona of twelve stars has biblical roots. In the Book of Revelation, one finds the following verse in Chapter 12:1 “Now a great SIGN appeared in heaven: a woman adorned with sun, standing on the moon, and with the twelve stars on her head for a crown.”

The Latin phrase at the bottom of the seal Ad Jesum Per Mariam means, “To Jesus Through Mary”, the motto of Champagnat and the Marist secret of leading souls to God.”


A Notre Damean should always keep in view the ideals on which Notre Dame of Kidapawan College is founded. LOVE of country and sanctity in education, directed towards the attainment of the goal… To OBTAIN HEAVEN FOLLOWING MARY… the ideal fittingly illustrated in the seal of the school. The Tripartition with the background of red, white and blue symbolizes the Philippines and its three divisions.

On the left in the field of red is Mount Apo towering over Kidapawan and the Province of Cotabato. Being the highest mountain in the Philippines, it marks the height of our ideals at Notre Dame. To the right in a field of white is the Marist emblem which represents the Marist Brothers, the religious order that undertook the mission of educating the students in the out-of-way places and barrios in Cotabato. The lower field is blue upon which is superimposed a cloud on which we see another M with an arrow piercing the alpha and omega. It symbolizes heaven as our beginning and end by following Mary.

These symbols are emblazoned on a shield to imply that armed and protected by NDKC ideals, the students serve GOD, country, and neighbor. We are also reminded by the frequent use of symbols of Mary that she is Patroness and Protectress of the Philippines as well as of NDKC.

The stars alongside the motto remind us again that we are made for heaven, which is our ultimate goal. Surrounding the shield we find a rosary, a devotion to which is a sign of every true lover of Mary. The cross of the rosary is enclosed in the shield, above all, marking the place of God in all our activities, duties and lives. Its base rests upon the rising sun marking the Philippines as the only Christian nation in the Far East.

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